More than 60% of Indonesians abroad with COVID-19 have recovered: Ministry

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Most Indonesians that have tested positive for COVID-19 abroad have recovered, the Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday.

The ministry, through a tweet on its official Twitter account @Kemlu_RI, revealed that 1,100 Indonesians currently living in other countries had tested positive for the coronavirus. Of the total number, 739 had recovered while 76 others had died.

Meanwhile, 285 other patients are currently receiving treatment.

The recovered patients are located in Qatar, North Macedonia and Russia, among other places.

Apart from countries, the ministry also recorded 180 Indonesian nationals that tested positive for the virus aboard cruise ships, five of whom died while 154 others recovered.

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The government previously pledged to ensure the protection of Indonesians abroad amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including by providing aid and facilitating their repatriation to their hometowns if necessary.

Meanwhile, health authorities on the home front have confirmed a total of 52,812 COVID-19 cases nationwide. At least 2,720 people have died of the disease.

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